Imtiaz Development approached 360 INC to create a compelling real estate project brochure for their latest endeavor, Westwood in Al Furjan. Leveraging our expertise in graphics design and branding, we crafted an exceptional brochure showcasing the development project.

Imtiaz Development sought the expertise of 360 INC to embark on a transformative journey in developing a new real estate project brochure for their latest venture, Westwood in Al Furjan. The collaboration was founded on the pillars of branding, brand identity, and creative artworks, integrating these elements seamlessly into the brochure to amplify the project's visual narrative.

Our team, armed with a deep understanding of branding principles, meticulously curated a visual language that not only reflected the unique features of Westwood but also harmonized with the overarching brand identity of Imtiaz Development. The real estate brochure became more than a mere informational document; it evolved into a compelling storytelling tool, engaging potential buyers with captivating graphics and thoughtful design

The fusion of graphics designing skills and branding knowledge was instrumental in creating an amazing real estate project brochure. Each detail was thoughtfully crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal and communicate the essence of Westwood effectively. From stunning visuals to cohesive branding elements, the brochure became a tangible representation of Imtiaz Development's commitment to excellence in real estate.

This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the seamless integration of branding, brand identity, and creative artworks in the realm of real estate marketing. The Westwood project brochure not only serves as an informative guide but also as a powerful marketing tool, contributing to the success and distinctiveness of Imtiaz Development in the competitive real estate market.


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