Seeken, a mobile phone and electronics brand, approached the creative team at 360 INC with the objective of obtaining a fresh logo and developing a clean brand identity. The collaboration aimed to create not only a distinctive brand logo but also a cohesive brand identity, encompassing various creatives for the overall enhancement of the brand.

In the dynamic world of mobile phones and electronics, Seeken recognized the importance of a compelling brand presence and turned to the creative expertise of the 360 INC team. The primary focus of the collaboration was to revamp Seeken's visual identity through the creation of a new logo and the development of a clean and comprehensive brand identity.

The journey began with an in-depth exploration of Seeken's ethos, values, and market positioning. This foundational understanding formed the basis for the conceptualization and design of a distinctive brand logo. The logo design process prioritized uniqueness and memorability, ensuring that Seeken's identity would stand out in the competitive landscape.

Beyond the logo, the collaboration extended to the meticulous development of a cohesive brand identity. This encompassed a spectrum of creative artworks, aligning with Seeken's vision and resonating with its target audience. The 360 INC team crafted a visual language that communicated Seeken's essence, translating it into various elements of brand collateral.

The inclusion of keywords such as branding, logo design, brand identity, and creative artworks underscores the comprehensive approach taken by 360 INC. This collaboration exemplifies the fusion of strategic thinking and artistic flair, resulting in not just a logo but a holistic visual identity that amplifies Seeken's presence and resonates with its audience. The newly minted brand assets now serve as a powerful tool for Seeken to make a lasting impression in the competitive landscape of mobile



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Feb 2019


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