The Doctor Soon project is an engaging and complex endeavor involving the development of a website portal, design, and the creation of native mobile apps for both IOS and Android. This initiative is undertaken by 360 INC.

Doctor Soon project marks a distinctive and intricate venture spearheaded by the expertise of 360 INC. This multifaceted initiative encompasses the comprehensive development of a cutting-edge website portal coupled with innovative design solutions. The primary goal is to create an intuitive and visually appealing interface that seamlessly integrates user-friendly functionalities. Our team at 360 INC is dedicated to crafting a website that not only meets but exceeds contemporary standards, ensuring a seamless and immersive user experience.

In tandem with website development, the project extends its scope to the creation of native mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms. This includes the meticulous design and development of mobile app interfaces that harmonize with the respective operating systems, providing users with a consistent and optimized experience across devices. Our skilled professionals at 360 INC employ state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to ensure the successful implementation of the Doctor Soon mobile app.

Throughout this endeavor, the keywords of website design, mobile app development, and user experience optimization remain at the forefront of our strategy. The synergy of these elements underlines our commitment to delivering a sophisticated and user-centric solution that aligns with the evolving landscape of digital platforms. The Doctor Soon project stands as a testament to our proficiency in creating seamless, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing digital experiences.



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Feb 2019


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Doctor Soon




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