Nimbus Group enlisted 360 INC to create a stunning real estate project brochure for their latest development. Leveraging our expertise in graphics design and branding, we crafted an exceptional promotional material for the project.

Nimbus Group engaged 360 INC in the endeavor of establishing a distinctive company profile, seeking our expertise in branding and creative artworks. Our collaboration extended beyond traditional boundaries as we ventured into crafting a remarkable company profile. Utilizing our proficiency in graphics design, we skillfully incorporated branding elements to produce an outstanding promotional material for their latest development.

The process commenced with a deep dive into Nimbus Group's core values and identity, allowing us to tailor the company profile to reflect their unique character. Our meticulous approach to branding ensured that every visual element aligned seamlessly, creating a cohesive and impactful representation of Nimbus Group.

Simultaneously, the company profile became a canvas for our creative artworks, showcasing the project's features with compelling visuals and thoughtful design. Each detail, from graphics to layout, was carefully considered to enhance the aesthetic appeal and effectively communicate the essence of the development.

In the realm of brochure designing, our team applied strategic creativity to produce a promotional piece that not only informed but also captivated the audience. The synergy of branding, company profile creation, and brochure designing exemplifies our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that elevate the overall brand presence of Nimbus Group in the competitive industry.


Nimbus Group




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