Imtiaz Development, a real estate development company, approached the creative team at 360 INC with the request for a fresh logo and the development of a sleek brand identity. The collaboration aimed to conceive not only a novel brand logo but also to craft a clean and cohesive brand identity, encompassing various creatives to enhance the overall representation of the brand.

In response to the dynamic landscape of real estate development, Imtiaz Development sought the expertise of the creative team at 360 INC to embark on a transformative branding journey. The primary objective of this collaboration was twofold: to conceptualize a distinctive brand logo and meticulously develop a sleek and cohesive brand identity that would elevate the overall representation of the Imtiaz Development brand.

The creative process commenced with a thorough exploration of Imtiaz Development's core values and aspirations, guiding the conceptualization of a fresh and impactful brand logo. The logo design, emphasizing uniqueness and resonance, aimed to encapsulate the essence of Imtiaz Development in a visually compelling manner.

Beyond the logo, the collaboration extended to the meticulous development of a comprehensive brand identity. This encompassed the creation of creative artworks, strategically aligned with Imtiaz Development's vision and tailored to resonate with its diverse audience. Keywords such as branding, logo design, brand identity, and creative artworks underscore the holistic approach employed by 360 INC.

The outcome is not merely a logo but a visual language that permeates all facets of Imtiaz Development's brand presence. This integrated approach ensures that every element contributes cohesively to the overarching brand narrative, reflecting Imtiaz Development's commitment to excellence in real estate development. The newly minted brand assets serve as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between strategic branding and artistic expression, providing Imtiaz Development with a renewed and impactful visual identity in the competitive realm of real estate.






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