With 35 years of experience in the petroleum industry, Global Petroleum sought the expertise of 360 INC's creative team for a comprehensive branding overhaul. The company's objective was to acquire a new logo, refine its brand identity, and undergo website development as integral components of the rebranding initiative. The collaborative effort aimed not only to conceptualize a unique brand logo but also to meticulously design a polished and unified brand identity, incorporating diverse creatives to elevate the overall representation of the Global Petroleum brand.

Global Petroleum, a seasoned player in the petroleum industry with 35 years of expertise, engaged the creative prowess of 360 INC to initiate a comprehensive branding revamp. The company sought not only a fresh logo but also the development of a refined brand identity and a revamped website. The collaboration's primary objective was to conceptualize a distinctive brand logo, create a cohesive brand identity, and undertake website development, all working in harmony to elevate the overall representation of the Global Petroleum brand.

Commencing with a thorough exploration of Global Petroleum's rich history, core values, and future aspirations, the creative team embarked on the design of a novel brand logo. The logo design process emphasized uniqueness and resonance, aiming to encapsulate the essence of Global Petroleum in a visually compelling and enduring manner.

Simultaneously, the collaboration extended to the meticulous development of a comprehensive brand identity, ensuring a seamless integration of the new logo across various brand elements. As part of the holistic approach, the creative team delved into website development, aligning the online presence with the newly crafted brand identity. This encompassed strategic use of creative artworks, embodying Global Petroleum's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Keywords such as branding, logo design, brand identity, website development, and creative artworks underscore the multifaceted approach employed by 360 INC. The outcome is not only a refreshed logo and brand identity but also a dynamic website that serves as a digital manifestation of Global Petroleum's legacy and forward-looking vision. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the harmonious synergy between strategic branding, creative expression, and cutting-edge digital representation in the competitive landscape of the petroleum industry.



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Feb 2019


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