For the past two years, we've been collaborating with Capital Catering, a major catering company affiliated with the Adnec group, serving as a retainer agency. In this capacity, we offer a comprehensive array of designs, supplying essential visual elements and devising marketing concepts. Our role extends to crafting F&B campaigns, incorporating multiple creatives and video animation content. This strategic approach aims to not only elevate the Capital Catering brand but also enhance the visibility of its co-existing brands.

Our enduring partnership with Capital Catering, an integral part of the Adnec group and a significant catering service provider for Etihad Airways, spans two fruitful years. As their dedicated retainer agency, we take pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services that extends across graphic design, branding, and marketing.

The heart of our collaboration lies in providing Capital Catering with all-encompassing designs, covering elements such as menu design and packaging design. Our meticulous graphic design expertise ensures that each visual element aligns seamlessly with the brand's identity, reinforcing its market presence.

Beyond the realm of static designs, our involvement extends to dynamic content creation. We orchestrate food photoshoots that capture the culinary excellence of Capital Catering's offerings, translating it into visually compelling imagery. This not only enhances the visual appeal of their marketing materials but also communicates the quality and diversity of their culinary offerings.

Additionally, our collaboration includes video shoots, producing engaging content that brings the brand to life. These videos showcase the essence of Capital Catering, capturing the intricacies of their services and creating a narrative that resonates with their audience.

In essence, our partnership with Capital Catering goes beyond the conventional, encompassing graphic design, branding, menu design, packaging design, food photoshoots, and video shoots. Together, we craft a visual and narrative identity that not only elevates the Capital Catering brand but also enhances the overall dining experience for its patrons.


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