Twelve Digital Marketing Trends For 2022 And How To Take Advantage Of Them

Digital marketing is always changing and evolving, but 2022 will likely hold some dramatic changes. Businesses and brands must not only plan for the future of digital marketing but be prepared to take advantage of it. Here are the top 12 digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 and how you can use them to your advantage.

1. Meta is everywhere.
Facebook officially changed its name to Meta. While creating a name for the parent company is logical (remember Google became Alphabet?), the choice is what matters. Facebook is betting big on the Metaverse, which is a term for virtual and augmented experiences. This is a big bet on the future of the web.

Recommendation: Marketers should begin to look for opportunities for their business in these spaces.

2. Influencers continue to grow (even for B2B).
Influencer marketing is set to reach $13.8 billion in 2021 and continue to grow. Influencer campaigns inherently provide context and relevance since the influencer is endorsing the product. B2B brands also continue to embrace influencers — Adobe, SAP, GE and PWC all have harnessed this trend.

Recommendation: Marketers should look for opportunities to partner with influencers in their space.

3. LinkedIn is growing, growing, growing.
LinkedIn continues to be a rising star in the digital space. Each quarter they show considerable gains in monthly active users and engagements on the platform. They are also continuously launching new features that drive better results for businesses and pages.

Recommendation: Marketers should go all-in on LinkedIn.

4. SEO is less game and more integrated.
Search engine optimization is one of the oldest and most valuable forms of digital marketing. As search algorithms have continuously become smarter and more contextual, marketers need to focus less on the “hacks” and “tricks” of SEO and more on providing an outstanding and meaningful experience to their users.

Recommendation: Marketers should focus less on SEO and more on excellent user experience.

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