360 Inc's 3D team took on the task of creating unique exhibition stand renderings for the Dell Computers exhibition stand design. The design, meticulously brought to life by our fit-out team, was strategically crafted to stand out and deliver a distinctive 3D representation at the event.

360 Inc's 3D team spearheaded a creative endeavor, developing distinctive exhibition stand renderings for the Dell Computers exhibition stand design. The objective was to craft a stand that not only showcased Dell's technological prowess but also outshone the designs of other exhibitors.

In the meticulous process, our team conceptualized and executed detailed 3D renders, integrating strategic exhibition graphics and innovative exhibition 3D concepts. Leveraging our expertise in exhibition stand designing, we aimed to provide Dell Computers with a design that transcended conventional norms, reflecting the cutting-edge nature of their technology.

The 3D rendering phase was pivotal, ensuring precise placement of elements for maximum visual impact. This phase played a crucial role in creating a design that was not only visually striking but also seamlessly aligned with Dell Computers' brand identity.

These 3D renders served as an extensive blueprint, guiding our fit-out team in transforming the conceptualized design into a tangible reality. From ideation to execution, our holistic approach, covering 3D rendering, exhibition graphics, and exhibition stand designing, underscored our commitment to delivering solutions that not only stood out but also provided a unique and immersive experience in the competitive landscape of technology exhibitions. The collaborative effort of our 3D and fit-out teams exemplified our dedication to innovative and visually impactful exhibition stand solutions for Dell Computers.



Release Date

Feb 2019


App Design






3D, Exhibitions, Graphics Designing

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