TikTok knocks up to highest video duration of 10 minutes.

Is TikTok challenging its leading video-entertainment rival, YouTube? The Chinese multinational company Byte Dance has pumped up the TikTok video duration to 10 minutes, making it challenging for other entertainment platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The company spokesperson stated that they were thinking of enriching the TikTok experience by increasing the video duration and, moreover, unleashing the possibilities for the content designers to be more creative.

At the beginning, TikTok videos were just 15 seconds long; then they increased to 60 seconds, and last July, they tripled to 3 minutes. The latest 10-minute videos would give users a chance to stay longer on the platforms and, moreover, watch the videos in one go rather than split into multiple parts. When TikTok was trying to expand the video duration, other platforms were launching short form videos in the form of reels, YouTube shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight, making these rivals more bite-sized. The company stated that they were analyzing the structures for various months and now it’s been rolled out to users who has the latest version of the application downloaded.


How to Install LinkedIn Insight Tag on Website: Step by Step

Today, We’re going to see how to incorporate the LinkedIn Insight Tag into your website. Join me as I break it down from step 1 to publish!

Before, We will start how to install the LinkedIn Insight tag on your website. Let’s see the overview of why we need to add a LinkedIn Insight Tag to our website.

What is a LinkedIn Insight Tag & Why do we need to Install it?

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a lightweight, JS Code tag that you can easily add to your web pages. This tag provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Marketing Solutions campaigns, as well as your website audience and demographics also.

The LinkedIn insight tag will give us an insight into the visitors visiting our website. This is nothing but a page view tag, which helps to improve the analytics numbers of our website.

Now, you have an idea about exactly what is LinkedIn Insight Tag and why we need to install it on our website. So, Let’s start with step 1 to install LinkedIn Tag.

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn Account

Go to the Campaign Manager panel. You can go to your campaign manager panel by clicking the following link Or Clicking on: Work -> Advertise
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

Step 2: Setup your Ad account

If you do not have an Ad account then first set up your Ad account by following the steps. Then simply hit the Agree & Create Account button.

If you already have an account then skip this step and go to the next step.
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

Step 3: Find LinkedIn Insight Tag

Once you’ve done your account setup, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the campaign manager.

If you recently created a new Ad account you’re only going to be seeing Only one Ad account on the list. It should look something like the following image. Click on the account to proceed.
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

After clicking on the account you’re going to be seeing the following screen. Then click on Account assets -> Conversion Tracking.
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

After that, in the Conversion Tracking screen click on Manage Insight Tag and then click See Tag link.
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

Step 4: Install LinkedIn Insight Tag

Now, you can see there are 3 methods to install the LinkedIn Insight Tag. You can use anyone as per your ease.
LinkedIn Advertise Social Media Marketing

Once LinkedIn receives a signal from the tag you’ve placed on your website, your domains will appear under Insight Tag.