Comera, a formidable competitor of WhatsApp, sought 360 INC for UI/UX research and analysis. Our successful pitch, along with a comprehensive branding exercise, revamped their brand logo, branding elements, and mobile app design UI/UX.

Comera, emerging as a strong contender against WhatsApp, approached 360 INC for a strategic UI/UX research and analysis initiative. Collaboratively, we delved into a comprehensive pitch that excelled during the submission stage, paving the way for a successful partnership.

The focal point of our collaboration was a holistic branding exercise that encompassed revamping Comera's brand logo, brand identity, and various branding elements. Our goal was to not only align the brand with its market positioning but also to elevate its presence in the competitive landscape. The revamped brand logo became a visual embodiment of Comera's evolution as a tough competitor in the calling app domain.

In parallel, the UI/UX design of the mobile app underwent a transformation to enhance user interactions and overall user experience. The meticulous attention to UI/UX elements aimed to make Comera's app not just a functional tool but a seamlessly integrated and user-friendly platform.

This collaboration signifies our commitment to comprehensive solutions, covering every aspect from brand identity and branding elements to the intricate details of UI/UX design. By aligning the brand logo and mobile app design with Comera's vision, we've contributed to establishing it as a noteworthy player in the competitive landscape of calling apps.


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